Nowadays, among the diverse musical elements pop, folk, rock and other styles of music have their own fan groups. Pop is undoubtedly the mainstream among them while jazz might not be so lucky. "Exotic jazz" is indispensable, for Shanghai, this stylish, modern international metropolis, during the formation and development of its diversified markets. Jazz music resurrects the long-lost classic improvisations; its musical height represents the level of a nation, a city in the field of contemporary music. Today's jazz goes beyond various single separate musical cultures and gradually becomes a music which belongs to spiritual aspects. As the central city in east China, Shanghai, sharing a bond with jazz, should have a large representative international jazz festival.
  • Shanghai Lujiazui Jazz Week

    The 2-time Grammy award-winning drummer, composer and bandleader Terri Lyne Carrington is widely recognized for her unique and creative music style. O...

    Shanghai East Bank Jazz Festival

    Defined as "pure jazz " the first Shanghai East Bank Jazz Festival will be held on 6-8th, September 2013 at Q.S.W.Cultural Centre.